The coating process for Teflon™  is very specific, everything must be done exactly in order to ensure the coating functions correctly. Peratex adheres strictly to this process to ensure a successful outcome. The process is as follows:

1. Prebake Substrate. Superheating the substrate removes all oils and carbonizes any residue so that the Teflon™ can adhere correctly, and ensures there are no discrepancies in the coat. Unless the substrate is thoroughly clean, most coatings will not adhere. Prebaking allows for the next step to be thoroughly effective.

2. Grit Blasting. Grit blasting the substrate with a specific grade of Garnett prepares the substrate for coating by removing scale, corrosion, rust, and previous coatings. In addition, it applies a specific profile on the component surface providing an ideal “key” for the Teflon™ to adhere properly.

3. Application.Teflon™ is applied to the substrate via electrostatic powder gun or compressed air to ensure a perfect coat every time. Depending on the grade of Teflon™ used, the application may consist of a primer, mid coat, and top coat.

4. Cure Substrate. The substrate is again super-heated to a very specific temperature. This depends on a number of factors including the substrate base material, size and shape, and which Teflon™ coating was used. Using the correct cure times are critical to a successful outcome

5. Quality Control. Following the final cure, the component is inspected for defects. We guarantee high quality for all of our customers, so the inspection process is a crucial aspect of the entire coating process. This ensures that our customers are happy every time.

6. Package & Ship. When the process is complete, we carefully package the component and arrange return courier so you can get back to production as quickly as possible.